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3-Day Full-Body Program

3-Day Full-Body Program

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This program is aimed at beginners to intermediate lifters who are looking to get back into training or are struggling to manage their busy life with their training alongside other sports and responsibilities.

Inside this program you will find:

  • A warm-up protocol

  • Basic anatomy breakdown

  • Intensity scales and tempos

  • 12 Week Periodised Program

  • 3 Phases including Stability, Hypertrophy & Strength

  • Exercise tutorials

  • Exercise alternatives - for at home trainers

The benefits of Full-body Training:

  1. Increase frequency you train each muscle group aiding muscle growth.
  2. Less fatigue and better quality training output.
  3. More quality practice of lifts due to fatigue reduction.
  4. If you have to miss a session you've still trained your whole body.
  5. Great for training alongside a sport.
  6. Great solution if you hate legs.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Excellent program + great support from the man himself

    I’ve followed this program for several weeks and have really enjoyed it. Really well laid out to keep muscle groups fresh between workouts. Loads of great content and helpful videos to help with form and tempo. And Aaron is super responsive on social media if you have further questions.

    I’ve tried many programs from different sources and influencers and this is by far the best and most flexible. With minor changes between cycles you could follow it for months.

    Sachin Mahendru
    Great experience!

    I took the 3-day program and started out the first week of Jan. Really easy to follow program with lots of options if your gym doesn’t have all the gym equipment. Great videos and alternative work outs at the end. The one tough part for me was about the RIR but Aaron answered my questions near immediately.

    Chris Forsdike
    Absolutely worth the money!

    This is a fantastic program! I've always been the tall skinny guy that could eat anything and never put on weight. I've been to the gym a few times but it always fizzled out after 2 months or so. This programme kept me in the gym and growing muscle.

    I put on 11kg in 1 year. I started off with the original 3 day full body programme and then moved onto this one when it came out.

    A great range of exercises to keep it interesting, fantastic explanations and just a well rounded and professional easy to follow plan.

    Thanks Aaron!

    Tracey Nicholls
    Full Body Program

    This program gives you the knowledge to help yourself learn and grow whilst feeling supported.

    Sam Petherbridge
    Great program

    The program is great, it’s has a lot of detail and it’s the perfect length. You’re in the gym enough to feel like it’s been a good a workout but not too long where you’re in there for hours. I high recommend it

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