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4-Day Full-Body Program

4-Day Full-Body Program

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This program is aimed at intermediate lifters who want to take their training to the next level.

Inside this program you will find:

  • A warm-up protocol

  • Basic anatomy breakdown

  • Intensity scales and tempos

  • 12 Week Periodised Program

  • 3 Phases including Stability, Hypertrophy & Strength

  • Exercise tutorials

  • Exercise alternatives - for at home trainers

The benefits of Full-body Training:

  1. Increase frequency you train each muscle group aiding muscle growth.
  2. Less fatigue and better quality training output.
  3. More quality practice of lifts due to fatigue reduction.
  4. If you have to miss a session you've still trained your whole body.
  5. Great for training alongside a sport.
  6. Great solution if you hate legs.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Josh Geldard
      Good plan

      4 weeks in and the structure is easy to follow and feeling great 👌🏼👌🏼 looking forward to the next 8 weeks and seeing what progress I can make.

      Dan Martin
      Perfect structure, worth every penny!

      Been on this program since Aaron released it and it’s given my training so much more structure. The sessions can easily be completed in under an hour and you know you’ve pushed your body in all areas for an all round strong physique. Can’t wait for the next session and to see the program progress. Thanks, Aaron!

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